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Sutton Grange Wedding Mike + Michelle When you book your wedding in early December, you think you are almost guaranteed good weather, yes? Not for these guys, unfortunately. But I actually think it made the day pretty cool! It’s obviously a challenge when you are supposed to be married outdoors in a huge thunderstorm…. But […]

Bendigo Wedding Photographer Tyler + Chloe Oh my gosh, these guys are just the loveliest humans and the most beautiful little family. Chloe + Tyler were so chilled and so easy to work with, nothing phased them. They just wanted to have a beautiful wedding with their family and friends and two beautiful children, Jasper […]

Bendigo Wedding Photographer Dylan + Jordy Ahhh these guys!! So calm, cruisey and just down-to-earth legends! Jordy grew up in Ballarat, and when she moved over here for Uni (hello Pharmacist!!) she met a guy at Bootcamp… And the rest is history really!! When I asked Jordy what kind of wedding she wanted, she replied […]

Bendigo Wedding Photographer Justin + Bridget   These guys are the coolest. And just… so in love with each other, it’s beautiful to watch! The way they look at each other is like something from an old black and white movie and they are just so supportive of each other. Ahhh, love!!   The pair […]

Echuca Wedding Photographer Kris + Meaghan   Oh my gosh, Meaghan, you are the sweetest person in the whole entire world. I just have to start with that.   Meaghan contacted me almost 2 years ago, and it was one of those weddings that was booked in so early it was extra special when it […]