i'm your intuitive + empathetic photographer. I can't wait to show you yourself through my eyes.

I don’t take myself too seriously,
and I love when people are kind
to each other.

Hi, I'm Leah. Or Le Le to my friends.

I am a photographer (duh!), but actually so much more than that. I am a late diagnosed Autistic woman (and proud) and pride myself on my intuitiveness & empathy for others. I see things in people that they don't often see in themselves and that's what I love about my craft.

You see, when you might be worried about your wrinkles under your eyes or your double chin - I will show you what I (and others) see before any 'imperfections'. I see your eyes sparkle when you talk about your passion or your family. I see your smile that lights up a room. I see your kindness and compassion for your clients. I see YOU.

Aside from my passion for photography & being a cheerleader for small business; I am a Mum to 3 legendary little people, a wife to a great bloke and an avid gardener. We bought our dream home on just over an acre in 2022 and love nothing more than to potter outside in the sunshine while the kids play nearby. I am president of my kids school Parents Club, Head chauffeur for after school activities, chief hugger when someone gets a boo boo, hype woman when someone needs cheering up and the best listener getting around.

If you want images that will stand out from the others, show you in all of your authenticity and your share with the world your best self? There is no one that will look after you better than I will.

Big Love,



A psychic once told me I would have 2 boys. I now have 2 girls & a boy

5 fun facts


I was late diagnosed Autistic at the age of 37

5 fun facts


My favourite place on earth is New York City.

5 fun facts


I’m petrified of magpies.

5 fun facts


I'm allergic to pineapple.

And out of all the places in the world to figure that out, it was at the Dole Pineapple Plantation in Hawaii, lol.

5 fun facts