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I Heart Bargains – Bendigo Edition –   So… How did this all begin? Is the question I’ve been asked by a zillion people. And the answer is simple. I reached out to Chelsea, with no expectations of a reply, and being the legend she is… she wrote back. And the answer I got was […]

Meet The Maker – Vol. 4 – with Bendigo Commercial Photographer Leah Ladson & Rachael from Fiit FX Meet Rachael. Fitness junkie. Mum of 2. Legend & Owner of Fiit FX. (P.s. Look at those guns!) I did a photoshoot for Rach last year to step up her [not so] little business to the next […]

Bendigo Commercial Photographer – Meet The Maker – Belinda Nihill from Nest Design Studio Bendigo Commercial Photographer Well this one has been sitting on my ‘To Do’ list for WAY too long, but it’s worth the wait. Promise. My new years resolution is to blog more. I have so many ideas… so many cool clients to […]

Bendigo Commercial Photographer – Meet the Maker ~ Vol. 2 – Bendigo Commercial Photographer Introducing… The legend, The one… The only… Morgi Mac! Bendigo’s leading graphic designer, chief joker and Mum of two who is turning heads with fresh, innovative and new design solutions in corporate & event stationary design. I have SO much time […]

Being a Work At Home Mum is HARD! I am blessed to be a part of some wonderful group and forums that consist of WAHM’s, and it has become very apparent that we are all searching for one thing… Balance! The last few months has seen my business grow in a way I couldn’t have […]