Ditch the nerves of putting yourself in front of the lens and relax knowing that I will:
A) make you feel as comfortable as humanly possible in front of my lens, and
B) showcase your inner AND outer beauty through my visual storytelling!

I provide vibrant, fresh and fun photography for female creatives and small business entrepreneurs who want to feel empowered and confident as the face of their business. You will go from feeling imposter syndrome'y to inspired in the space of a couple of hours + did I mention the content bank FULL of amazing images?

Need high quality, unique images of your products? You've come to the right place!  I will work with you on a creative brief to nail your branding. I will style and photograph your products in my bright & airy home studio set up (including sourcing & providing a vast array of amazing backdrops and props for you).

Flatlays? Yep
Website images? No worries!
Lifestyle snaps? You betcha.

Watch your clothing transform & move in a way you've never seen before. I capture fabrication, details & movement of clothing like no other. I will help you select & secure the perfect location, and even help source models too if you need.  My extensive experience photographing fashion for national brands means you can be assured I will snap all the images you need to cover your lookbooks, social media, website and any digital or print publication you need!


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Any business owner knows that pretty pictures = profits, and
that's why you're here. [Hi!]

But most are trapped in a vicious cycle...

✘ Investing in pro photographers who don't get your brand
✘ Wasting $$$ you don’t have on equipment you don’t need
(or know how to use)
✘ Losing time on how-to guides that are written in photographer and tech-speak
✘ Damaging your brand with DIY images that hurt to look at. 


And those profits I mentioned? 
They disappear faster than a pink gin on a Friday night. 

That's where I come in!

I am your award winning intuitive empath who *just gets* people, especially small business owners (cos' hi, I am one!) and I will gently guide you the whole way through to make you feel comfortable in front of my camera so we can capture unique and unforgettable images for you & your business.