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Perricoota Station Wedding Mat + Liz   Liz was a seriously super organised Bride, and booked me in almost 2 years in advance of her New Years Eve wedding. Which is awesome for many reasons, but also made the wait soooooo long! The anticipation and build up to this one was really special, because I’d […]

Bendigo Blogger – Leah Ladson Chinwag: with Brin McCredden   At the time Brin emailed me last year to book a photoshoot, I was fully booked out. But the morning she emailed, I had a cancellation (which is so rare!) and from that moment, I had a feeling it was meant to be! I turned […]

Melbourne Blogger: Chinwag with Happy Hands Happy Heart It’s no secret that I love this shit out of this woman! Not only is she the best playdough maker getting around (and the original!) – She also has the biggest heart of gold, is a business/life mentor to me (and so many others) and is the […]

Daylesford Wedding Photographer Demi + Adrian Probably the most unique part about this wedding, was that NO ONE knew the location! All of Demi and Adrian’s guests where invited to their wedding… And told to hop on a bus in Bendigo to be whisked away to a top secret location. I am utterly in love […]

Bendigo Wedding: Meaghan + Shea   Meaghan and Shea would have to be one of the most chilled out couples I have ever worked with. They were so happy to be led by my experience, and just go with the flow and their kicked back vibes made working with them so much fun! Massive thank […]