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Audrey’s 1st Birthday Party | Sprinkle themed party Yep, I’m one of those crazy ladies who picks a theme for their kids party and goes OTT with it… I was starting my Pinterest research, and this sprinkle themed party was decided after seeing an AMAZING looking cake (which mine looked NOTHING like!) Then it snowballed… […]

Mothers Day 2016 | “Mummy + Me” Mini’s What does being a Mum mean to me? What does MY Mum mean to me? To me, it means providing unconditional love, setting boundaries and always having a friend. These 3 core values apply to both me being a Mum, and what I have appreciated most from […]

Bendigo Family Photographer ~ The Prange Family ~   Once in a while, you find people that you instantly connect with. You might not even have to spend much time with them or talk to them often, you just get *that* feeling. Laura is one of those people for me. We haven’t actually spent that […]

Bendigo Family Photographer ~ Harper Family Well what can I say about this AMAZING family? Nicole has been my BFF (Not a term used lightly!) for over 10 years. She literally carried me through the hardest time in my life when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and then died in 2014. Even though she was having […]