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Fortuna Villa Wedding: Jimmy + Pippa   Pip came to me back in May 2017 through Facebook (Gosh I love my social media community!) and the minute she said her and Jim owned the Belmont Hotel I knew their wedding would be so fun! We went back and forth with dates, until they locked down […]

Melbourne Lifestyle Photographer Chinwag with: Mabel + Woods   I absolutely ADORE these two ladies! Meet Ingrid and Anna, the legends behind Mabel + Woods clothing boutique in Spotswood, in Melbourne’s West. From the moment we started chatting on emails it was just… really easy. And when I turned up to Anna’s house on shoot […]

Perricoota Station Wedding Mat + Liz   Liz was a seriously super organised Bride, and booked me in almost 2 years in advance of her New Years Eve wedding. Which is awesome for many reasons, but also made the wait soooooo long! The anticipation and build up to this one was really special, because I’d […]

Bendigo Blogger – Leah Ladson Chinwag: with Brin McCredden   At the time Brin emailed me last year to book a photoshoot, I was fully booked out. But the morning she emailed, I had a cancellation (which is so rare!) and from that moment, I had a feeling it was meant to be! I turned […]