Hey! I'm Leah Ladson - photography boss lady here at LLP.  I don’t take myself too seriously, and I love when people are
kind to each other.

Photographing Death (Warning: confronting content below)   For some, photographing the dying or death would force out a response of WTF. Probably for most, actually. I was once one of those WTF’ers. ~ Now that I have experienced death, and watching a loved one die – It is actually a healing thing (in my experience), and […]

New Years Eve Wedding | Nathan + Cass What better way to spend your NYE than with a New Years Eve Wedding / Party!   It was about 3 months before their wedding when I got a casual phone call from Cass asking me to get on board her NYE party train! No freaking out from […]

Bendigo Wedding Photographer ~ 5 Ways to make your wedding photos SHINE So you’re planning your wedding, huh? … and you’re looking through Pinterest and seeing these immaculate, fun, amazing, perfect weddings… AND YOU WANT ONE!  Am I right? or am I right? Well… Here (in my humble opinion) are some simple ways to help make your photos SHINE […]

Bendigo Family Photographer ~ Harper Family Well what can I say about this AMAZING family? Nicole has been my BFF (Not a term used lightly!) for over 10 years. She literally carried me through the hardest time in my life when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer, and then died in 2014. Even though she was having […]

~ Product Photographer ~ Three of my main passions… 1) Photography (Obvs) 2) Business 3) People It took me almost 8 years to figure it out… But marry the three together and you have yourself a PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER! Well, for me anyway (But I never was any good at math) (Above & Below: Talking Red Photoshoot) Don’t […]