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Bendigo Wedding Photographer Aaron + Steph’s Harcourt Wedding Oh my gosh. These guys? This biggest sweethearts! It was the biggest honour to spend the day with these two, and their nearest and dearest.   They have both been so cruisey right from the start, and right up until the moment I left on their wedding […]

CHINWAG: with Baby Berry Collective Melbourne Lifestyle Photographer | Leah Ladson   When I think of how to describe Lucy Green (aka Mrs Baby Berry)… The first words that come to mind are beautiful (inside & out), generous, thoughtful & sweet. This lady right here? One of the loveliest human beings I’ve ever met. Not […]

  CHINWAG: with Bare Bros Co. by Melbourne Commercial Photographer | Leah Ladson   Funny story actually, about how I met these guys (and gal), we have so many different connections… It’s really bizarre! (aka our friendship was meant to be) And I’m not sure in which order to explain how and when I met […]

Melbourne Fashion Photographer | Leah Ladson Feather & Noise | Spring Racing Campaign Well holy batman shit, I’m still pinching myself that I was asked to come and shoot with some of Australia’s biggest fashion influencers AND one of my favourite brands… Feather & Noise! When Ali emailed me asking if I’d consider driving down […]

Bendigo Wedding Photographer | Leah Ladson Any email that comes to me saying the words ‘Surprise wedding’ gets me super pumped right from the get go, and that’s how this story began! Monica emailed me one day, saying her and her fiance were planning an engagement party, that turns into a wedding! How fricken exciting!! […]