Hey! I'm Leah - Boss lady here at LLP.  Watch my head follow you down as you move down the page - It's how I scroll.
(See what I did there?)

~ Product Photographer ~ Three of my main passions… 1) Photography (Obvs) 2) Business 3) People It took me almost 8 years to figure it out… But marry the three together and you have yourself a PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHER! Well, for me anyway (But I never was any good at math) (Above & Below: Talking Red Photoshoot) Don’t […]

Bendigo Wedding Photographer ~ Pete + Larrissa This wedding has been a LONG. TIME. COMING!! Larissa contacted me wayyyyyy back at the start of last year, and initially booked me in for her wedding in March of this year… GREAT! PUMPED! Not long after I get a frantic message from her… “Leah,  I’m SO sorry, we […]